Igniting Occupational Intelligence

Daily each person reacts to 1000’s tasks. The result of the task can either be constructive or destructive.  A person with the ability to deliberately choose the response that will have constructive results has the advantage.
How does your employee performance compare?

"To be Outstanding,
get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

- Alrik Koudenburg

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Who We Are

A2B is a movement that, above all else, promotes human
optimisation. We offer innovative solutions to multiple sectors of
society to help them transform themselves and their people from
a state of dependency to a state of response-ABILITY.

Optimising Results

To get an optimal human state each person needs their own unique blueprint for the following:

The human factor includes understanding oneself but also people you interact with.

The environment you function in also needs understanding and insight.


The Person

The prim brain - "I'm safe" or "I'm unsafe"
In-depth understanding of the negative effects of the primitive brain affect our responses to all of life’s challenges


Hardwire blocks
Discover which HARDWIRES block us from reaching this optimum state, where and how these HARDWIRES originated and what action to take to eliminate their influence.


Achieve OI
Occupational Intelligence (OI) -  level growth through ‘just-right’ challenges, which lowers anxiety and stress levels and ignites inner volition


Trust and transparency
Immerse into a trusted, transparent, honest environment where you become the transformative catalyst for change in an ecosystem designed for CHANGE and not chance.


External factors
Ensure no external factors dilute, diffuse or contaminate your vision, empowering all within the ecosystem to co-own and work towards the shared vision and goal


Yield enhanced relationships, radically transforming relationships, families, communities and society

Success Partners

Making use of A2B principles and tools to bring about change

Taking Care of Business (TCB)

We believe that becoming a self-employed business owner is something everyone can do, irrespective of their education levels and resources, as long as they are self-motivated and well supported (mentally and emotionally). We have developed a holistic eco-system, which successfully engages families living in poverty to chart a path out of poverty. Our projects have been changing lives for the last twelfth years.

The Go Group

In everything we do, and individual's quality of life and moments of 'I CAN' are fundamental to growth, prosperity and ultimately, independence.


MES as a Christian integrated social development organisation has been changing the heart of the city since 1986 and has been actively working towards providing sustainable solutions to pervasive poverty in the inner cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kempton Park in South Africa.

The A2B's Way



Our ultimate mission is to raise up a nation of optimum humans (OH).
These are people who function on high OI-Levels and are intrinsically motivated to be responsible, adaptive, and contributive in everything they do.

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