A2B Couples Retreat

Re-volitionise your Relationship!
Occupational Intelligence for Couples.

Reigniting the spark in your relationship involves so much more than just taking a relaxing vacation. It requires a deep understanding of your partner, including their physical, occupational, and neurological makeup, as well as their personality and behavior.

Navigating the challenges of life while maintaining a successful relationship can be tricky, as demands related to health, finances, and overall sustainable well-being can cause significant stress and tension. While love is important, we all know that love is not always enough, and relationships are no fairytale. Sustaining a healthy relationship requires effort and equal participation from both partners.


OI and your Relationship

The first step towards re-volitionising your relationship is to grow your Occupational Intelligence (OI) both as an individual and as a couple. As the name suggests, OI has directly to do with the "intelligence" that you exhibit when responding to a certain task or challenge. Developing your OI levels will help you to become conscious of your incompetencies and those of your partner, and work together to help one another become more response-able in everything that you do.

The 7-Point OI Scale measures your responsiveness levels and can be used to pinpoint individual and relational issues. By assessing the responsiveness levels of each person, it becomes possible to identify areas where improvement is needed and understand how deficiencies may impact the other person and the relationship as a whole. This will help you focus your attention on meeting each other's expectations and finding a middle ground. It's important to respond competently to challenges and tasks in order to achieve the desired outcome.

As a couple, it's essential to develop your OI levels to ensure that responsibilities are evenly distributed. OI plays a role in every activity, from mundane tasks like food prep and school drop-offs to emotional support and intimacy. If one person is taking on more than the other, chances are that one person is feeling either overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or left out.

Work with each other, not against each other.

Hardwires And Your Relationship

Living with and loving someone takes a lot of dedication, as it requires getting to know one another on a very intimate level. But it’s not only knowing “Who” your partner is that’s key, it’s also the “Why”. Knowing the "why" behind your partner’s actions can help you respond in a way that doesn't trigger negative reactions. Both partners need to be present and open about themselves for this understanding to work. By dealing with your partner in a sensitive and appropriate way, you can achieve better results in your relationship.

So how do you deal with your partner in the right way? By understanding their Hardwires.

There are 16 behavioural Hardwires that develop every second that we are in a state of fear or experience a sense of “I am not ok”. In understanding the cause and effect of these Hardwires, we are able to rewire, because of the remarkable neuroplasticity of our brains.

Hardwires occur when we believe or do something often enough that our brain does it automatically. Every hardwire that we develop is caused by something, and every hardwire will have a direct effect on how we behave. Hardwires develop through both nature and nurture and are manifested by our primitive brains. Hardwires can often hold us back from being the best version of ourselves and certainly plays a huge role in causing lots of problems for couples all around the world.

Understanding your own Hardwires and those of your partner will immediately give you insight into the “WHY” of their personality and behavioural patterns.

You will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your partner and embrace things about them you didn't understand before.
  • Realise why they reason the way they do and why their reasoning style is effective in certain scenarios (and the same goes for yours).
  • Allow each other to be yourselves and play to your strengths.
  • Become more forgiving of each other's shortcomings.
  • Learn how to avoid triggering each other's Hardwires.
  • Learn how to choose your words and timing carefully to manage each other effectively.
  • Grow together and develop your Occupational Intelligence as a couple.


Understanding how you and your partner work on the inside is essential to building a strong and lasting relationship. Our retreats offer a range of activities and workshops designed to help you learn the underlying needs and desires that drive your behavior. By becoming familiar with each other's Hardwires, you can learn to communicate more effectively, avoid misunderstandings, and deepen your connection.

In addition to learning how you both work on the inside, you will also receive some practical strategies and tools for resolving disputes and challenges. Whether you're dealing with issues related to communication, intimacy, or other aspects of your relationship, our experienced facilitators can help you identify and address the root causes of the problem.

Share The End Result

Because sharing is caring!

To be a strong couple, it's crucial to have a joint objective and collaborate towards it. Both partners should take responsibility for the end result (ER) and comprehend the necessary steps to attain it. The end result can be any challenging task that requires effort from both parties. To ensure that you collaborate effectively and don't overlook any necessary steps to achieve your shared objectives, make use of the String Tool to map out your end result (ER) seamlessly.

Quality Time

Get out of your comfort zone and then you can relax.

A nature retreat can offer a useful escape from daily routines, providing an opportunity to gain a fresh outlook. Nature has a way of providing clarity and perspective, helping individuals understand what truly matters. Spending quality alone-time together is a key part of our retreats. Our farms offer a variety of activities that range from romantic to adventurous, so there is something to suit every couple's interests. Practical activities and interpersonal engagement are great for releasing those happy hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and adrenaline. Engage with one another in experiential ways whilst also creating lasting memories together.

You and your partner can take part in a variety of activities, such as taking a leisurely stroll through our lovely farm grounds, picking some vegetables to prepare for a hearty dinner, swimming in one of the dams, feeding the farm animals, riding a bike through the planting fields, sharing a romantic dinner, and much more.

But PLEASE NOTE: This is not an escape from your lives – it’s an introduction to your new lives. 

Whether you are newlyweds or have been together for decades, our retreats offer a safe and supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and reconnect with each other.

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A2B Couples Retreat 14 – 16 April’23

Date: 14 April 2023 to 16 April 2023

A2B Couples Retreat 9-11 June’23

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Date: 22 September 2023 to 24 September 2023

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