A2B Eco Farm

Do you dream of a lifestyle that

Extends beyond greed, fatigue, politics, crime and lad shedding?

Is self-sustainable and productive?

Is in unison with nature?

Empowers others/ gives back?

Come and live an intentional lifestyle on the AB Eco farm

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A2B Eco Farm Who/What?

The farm

The perfect back-out location, an off-the-grid gem of 22 hectares consisting of grasslands, citrus, pecan, and avocado trees; and a permaculture vegetable garden, surrounded by a magical indigenous forest, two dams, and a calming river that runs all year round.

“Occupation in nature is man’s best physician” Galen, 300 ad.

Buy into a lifestyle where you will be a part of a growing community of like-minded individuals. You can contribute: learn new skills; and plug-in to some or all of the communal activities, such as:

  • Green, off-the-grid technology
  • Permaculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Healthy cooking
  • Food processing
  • Carpentry
  • Clay brick making
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Hiking, mountain biking, and swimming
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Eco Farm where

Property stands available at 1500m2

Build your own dream home on the stand of your dreams.
Only eco-friendly building materials, rubbish disposal, sewer systems, and solar/biogas.

Are you keen to change your mindless repetitive lifestyle? Need to gain some purpose, creativity, and perspective?

Together we will set a new bar for sustainable well-being.

Get your hands on a stand today

Situated 55km from Pietermaritzburg and 135km from King Shaka Airport, KZN, South Africa

WhatsApp Us on 076 461 3959 or 082 676 72019


A2B Eco Farm Goal/Mission

Our mission is to think beyond consumerism economy towards permaculture design, a multi-faceted, integrated, and ecologically harmonious method of designing human-centered landscapes in an effective and sustainable manner that serve both people and nature simultaneously.

We aim to align the outputs from one element to the inputs of another such that there is no waste, high efficiency and work is ideally reduced.

We integrate day-to-day living with human optimisation as a whole, intentionally facilitating self-sustainable well-being through communal eco-conscious living.

Homeowners will be given access to observe or participate in best-practice human optimisation, which will also contribute to your personal and social development.


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