Hardwires Assessment

Hardwires™ is an in-depth, non-threatening prognostic tool for assessing the factors limiting and/or obstructing change, that have developed from early childhood days in our minds; often without us even being aware of this happening.

There are 16 behavioural Hardwires that develop every second that we are in a state of fear or experience a sense of “I am not ok”. In understanding the cause and effect of these Hardwires, we are able to rewire, because of the remarkable neuroplasticity of our brains.

It is a revolutionary tool for self-development, the workplace, recruitment process and performance management. The first step is to define your own or other people's hardwires. The results of this assessment are an accurate evaluation and predictor of a human's personality traits and behavioural patterns. By obtaining these conclusions and predictions, one is better able to self-reflect and understand the condition you’re in, so that you may orientate yourself better. For employers, obtaining predictions about their employees personalities and behavioural patterns, they are better able to understand their employees, which will help to nurture compassion and respect.

Hardwires for Recruitment

Hardwires is also a great recruitment tool. People are required to do a Hardwires assessment in the process of applying for a job and based on the assessment outcomes, potential employers can ensure that they are employing someone who is right for the role. This means that all new employees can be vetted via this assessment, as it provides valuable insight. For example: If a job applicant scores higher than 35% on their Egocentric Hardwire, it will likely mean that they have a big ego and like to feed off the attention of others.

It also helps recruiters to place the best person for the job (task-man-fit), where they ensure that the challenge (the job) is a just-right-challenge. The Hardwires assessment results will show if the candidate will be a good fit.

Adding the Hardwires assessment into your recruitment strategies and as part of staff development will bring about better understanding between the humans, more productivity and success, more accountability and response-ability from staff/management and a more positive work environment. Let’s eradicate the unproductive behavioural characteristics and maximise your productivity.

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