Hardwires Interpretation Coaching Course

Helping others understand themselves can often help you understand yourself as well.

The Hardwires Interpretation Coaching Course is an online course for prospective Hardwires coaches. A Hardwires interpreter will guide others who have completed their assessments toward a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the formation of their Hardwires.

Understanding Hardwires does not only provide benefit on a personal level (to the individual) but also on a professional level (to the business). When dealing with humans in any workspace, identifying the Hardwires that prohibit productivity, positivity and team synergy will help management to pinpoint areas of concern and quickly and effectively resolve them.

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Puzzle Anton You

For: This course is for human resource managers, recruiters, development practitioners, spiritual practitioners, sport facilitators, small business owners or anyone interested in human optimisation.

Duration: 10 x 1 hour sessions over 3 weeks.

Cost: R2380 (incl your Hardwires assessment)

There will be assignments given along the course facilitation. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be required to provide audio recording of 3 assessment interpretation and coaching with 3 of their clients, ensured that all assignments were submitted and signed a non-disclosure agreement which has a clause on confidentiality in order to officially qualify as a coach.

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