Introduction to A2B Basics

Even over the last two decades, we are witnesses to the most dramatic and traumatic shifts in human history. The seismic scope of this change forces us to rethink everything that we have ever understood about learning, education, schooling, business, economics and government. Most importantly about these shifts is that changes are happening at the speed of light and it reveals an unprecedented change in the human condition. Despite all the incredible advances in our digital world, the dehumanising consequences of AI as our highest digital achievement are expressed so well by Elon Musk, saying that it is our biggest existential threat” – so much so that we have lost our sense of being human. However, A2B recognises our quest to restore our human dignity through our extraordinary potential of Occupational Intelligence (OI) which each and every human being is endowed with - irrespective of any differentiation or discriminatory possibility.

What is occupational intelligence?

What does it mean to be a human being? On the most basic level, it means that, even before you were born, you are confronted with the challenges of life to which you inevitably need to respond to appropriately if you are stay alive and healthy.

Of course, in the womb and still being a small baby it is your parents who have to respond most appropriately to the challenges that life is throwing at you who is still incapable of and, therefore, incompetently dependent at an A level of being human. But, at the same time, since you need to become increasingly responsive to your own challenges to the inevitable point of appropriate individual independence you need to move to a transformative B level of becoming the best possible quality of being human you can. Needless to say, this transition period in your life is the most critical in your human existence and, therefore demands that level of attention.

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Fortunately, as human beings, your brain is designed with the incredible capacity of what we call A2B transformation. Unfortunately, the development of the intelligence to accomplish this has been neglected. Occupational intelligence is not merely one of the many intelligences. It is non-specific and essentially incorporates all other intelligences.  It is the level on which you respond to the challenges of life with which you occupy yourself. This includes all domains and all levels of your life.  Occupational intelligence indicates the level at which you are able to respond to the challenges of life in all domains and on all levels towards your transformation of achieving the highest possible quality of being human of which the entire world is in desperate need of.

The A2B Transformation Movement (or A2B in short) recruits human beings who are committed to self-transformation and self-transcendence of the highest order to achieve the highest possible quality of being human themselves. These recruits will be subject to intensive education because they will not only become A2B facilitators and A2B change agents, but they will lead the inevitable worldwide transformation of human beings as A2B Life Transformation Leaders (LTL’s) through the expertly designed A2B-LTL program.

A2B and the A2B-LTL program is based on ten substantial fundamentals. The A2B fundamentals are the basis on and from which human beings are able to move towards the achievement of the highest level of being human. The 10 A2B fundamentals are also principles that have to be completely internalised and always upheld as primary concern under all circumstances in their LTL responsibility.

The importance of fundamentals could be well demonstrated by the following question from a Karate student:

After a year of doing karate, a young man asked his Sensei if he was ever going to stop spending the first thirty minutes of each session stretching and going through the basic motions. The Sensei’s quiet answer stuck with him. “No, we never leave the fundamentals”, said the Sensei. “Black belts aren’t people who learned a bunch of new things. Black belts are people who mastered the fundamentals”.

After you have completed all the modules of the LTL program you become eligible to sign up for joining the qualified LTL’s only when you sign a commitment that you will always and only engage in actions that empower human beings. This means that you will uncompromisingly upheld each and every fundamental in its entirety as well as the additional Life Transformation Actions appearing in each fundamental even though it may go against any existing social, professional, vocational, or any other construct, and even your own preferences, biases and weaknesses.

In the descriptions of the fundamentals that follow, as a LTL, you will fulfil the role as the challenger and the one who is challenged will fulfil the role of responder.

This distinction and any other aspect that may have been unfamiliar to you when it was not extensively described and/or explained in the paragraphs above, will become much clearer as they appear in the descriptions of the fundamentals themselves on the pages that follow.

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