Occupational Intelligence Development

Utilise the A2 OI level as prerequisite for any further OI development

Until a responder is A2 in OI development, OI development is not trustworthy and sustainable because the responder is unconscious of its incompetence. It will result in a misrepresented task-man-fit in most spheres of their lives. The human’s OI levels is the capacity that is required to drive the task. Hence a responder needs to be conscious at all times of the OI scale in everything they are occupied with. The higher the OI level of the responder, the more response-able and innovative will they are and can become. A responder, therefore, needs to move from being unconscious of its incompetence to conscious of its incompetence. In other words, responders need to move from A0 to A2 level in development before OI development to higher levels are viable.

Internal Change Agent Lingo K

Being able to utilise the A2 OI level as a prerequisite for all further OI development is achieved through the A2 IO Level Assessment. This entails the following the following process demanded by the challenger that the responder have to complete and submit to:

  1. A Hardwire Assessment by responder
  2. A Hardwire Interpretation by challenger
  3. Hardwire reflection by the responder
  4. Feedback session of on the responder’s reflection
  5. Challenger confronts responder with an A2 challenge
  6. Challenger conducts a slam-dunk questioning session about the challenge before it is executed
  7. Challenger requests the execution of the challenge (while an A2 level responder also executes it at another venue)
  8. Responder self-assessment of the executed challenge.
  9. Comparison of the non-A2 and the A2 responders’ executed challenges by non-A2 responder.
  10. Cracking responder into consciousness of incompetence by challenger.
  11. Confronting the respondent with a new A2 OI level challenge.
Life transforming action

The challenger needs to ensure that consciousness of incompetence (A2 OI level) has been clearly achieved by the responder before attempting any further OI development.