8. The CBTWA process

Engaging With The CBTWA Process

For learning or any form of a development of change process to be sustainable and life-changing, it needs to follow the CBTWA formula. Sustainable learning is when the learning or intervention impregnates and takes root inside the brain. It has to change our perceptions and conceptions. It has to volitionise our body to go into action.  The learning needs to take the listener from senses to mind, to heart, to action.  C stands for Conceive, B stands for Believe, T stands for Talk, W stands for Walk and A is to Achieve. A continuum of neurological processes needs to take place in the brain for learning to take root and form new neural paths.

When the education does not successfully move through the A and B levels, it is unlikely that the T- ALK, W-ALK and A- CHIEVE (success) will occur.

CBTWA (1) (002)
Life transforming action

Ensure that the respondent engages fully with every step of the CBTWA process.