Our Founder

Who is Vivienne?

Vivienne Schultz is a change-maker, leader, and influencer in the public and private sectors of Southern Africa. She coined the term and concept Occupational Intelligence and works in the field of social entrepreneurialism.

She completed her Honours at the Medical University of Southern Africa in 1993. She is an Ashoka fellow, a Babson College (BOS, MA) graduate, public speaker, and an established author.

Everyone at A2B refers to her as "Viva", because of her boundless energy and incredible ability to enthuse and volitionise humans!


In 1986 Vivienne completed her Occupational Therapist degree at the University of Pretoria and went on to work for several medical and psychiatric institutions. Throughout her practising years she witnessed and worked with individuals, and often children, who were traumatised and debilitated by their tough life experiences and mental health challenges.

Her exposure to the fragile side of humanity sparked a deep desire to help and facilitate change. This is when Vivienne realised that External Locus of Control (ELOC) was the biggest issue facing South Africans and that this dependency was the poison that was fostering the entitlement, joblessness, and cultural inequality in the country.

It is this realisation that activated her volition and propelled her to start the A2B Transformation Movement.