Transformation Leadership Course (TLC)

Module 1

Transformation - It’s all in Your Mind

Purpose Of This Module

The purpose of this module is primarily to reveal you to yourself in relation to the highest level of being human or the Optimal Human Being. This condition you find yourself in, determines the state of your well-being. Since your brain and mind is the centre that determines your well-being - who you are and can become - you will be experiencing your own brain and how your mind works and what restricts your development as human being. You will also learn how you will be able to harness its incredible potential to overcome the restrictions and limitations and flourish on your way to become an optimum human being. This is done through your first set of OI Development Tools.

Become conscious of the inner neurology causing your responsiveness levels

Nb: Preparation Before The Commencement Of This Module

  • Do your Hardwires Assessment online. A2B Licensed organisations will have their own dashboard.
  • When you receive the Hardwires assessment. thoroughly read through the entire document and follow the instructions and book an appointment with a Hardwires Interpretation Coach.
  • Online Hardwires training: Give yourself a few days to watch eight(8) videos of 20 minutes each on Hardwires. Journaling: Make comprehensive notes in a dedicated notebook and write the necessary questions in order to gain the best possible value from understanding your Hardwires.

General Learning Outcomes of this Module

After experiencing this module you will be able to do the following:

  • Relate your STATE OF WELL-BEING to the OI level of your RESPONSIVENESS to every challenge you are occupied with.
  • Describe what VOLITION is, it’s critical, catalytic two (2) components in human transformation, how they relate to each other and demonstrate how to volitionise humans instantaneously.
  • Explain the critical experience of the brain message “I’m safe” and its associated expression of “I can” and “I’m enough/worthy/valuable” in human transformation and demonstrate how you will accomplish this appropriately, at its best, until the Hardwire has shifted from ELOC to ILOC
  • Reveal how the structure and function of the brain is the centre of our existence and how it determines all the preceding outcomes and how the brain become the mind that determines your state of well-being.
  • Reveal how the structure and function of the brain is the centre of our existence and how it determines all the preceding outcomes and how the brain become the mind that determines your state of well-being.
  • Express the way in which the brain/mind develops and provide both ultimately the limitation/restriction of achieving the highest level of being human, as that it has the incredible potential - not only to overcome its restrictive/limiting barriers – but to prosper and flourish despite it - which you need to illustrate.
  • Explain the origin of OI and construct a table in which the essence/fundamentals of each of the OI levels are represented.
  • Identify what is the essential difference between each of the OI levels and what is necessary to move to the next level – as you are experiencing it in your life.
  • Identify the three critical transitions between OI levels that a human has to make and explain why they are so critical.
  • Estimate your own general OI level, determine your own OI levels as they appear in action and identify your prognoses for change.
  • Utilise every new tool and language for change that you have learned up to this point in time and the tools you have received, to ensure that you are able to provide evidence of your own level of optimisation of yourself as human being at any point in time as well as your action plan in which you clearly indicate what, when, where, why and with whom you will collaborate towards a significant progress in your transformation to optimisation.

This module is a global best personal development course and is also offered as a standalone.

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TLC (Mod1) 27-28 Febr’23

Date: 27 February 2023 to 28 February 2023


TLC (Mod1) 6-7 July’23

Date: 6 July 2023 to 7 July 2023