Transformation Leadership Course (TLC)

Module 2

Being the Best Task-Man-Fit

Purpose of this Module

The purpose of this module is to take human optimisation one crucial step forward and one critical level upward. Your brain/mind determines your OI level of competence with which you are able to respond to the challenges of life. Your transformation depends on how well your competence (human) fits the challenge (task) to be resolved. Moving forward means you have to “’crack’ into consciousness” (CIC) about the transformation in your “wiring” that is necessary for the successful task-human-fit, as well as your openness to, and volition for learning that has to be activated when an A2 OI level is to be achieved. The level upward requires two things to be successful. The first one is (besides the required OI level of human competence) the particular intelligence context of the task, needs to be considered. The second one is a new dimension of limitations/restrictions that is closely associated to the brain - which is the Hardwires that blocks you, which  have acquired through nature and nurture.

The purpose of this module, therefore, is to ensure that you will be able to move from a to b to the best possible task-human-fit for each of your challenges in order to resolve it to the highest possible level of quality despite the required intelligence context of the task and the limitations/restrictions that your hardwires might impose.

General Learning Outcomes For This Module

After experiencing this module you will be able to do the following:

  • Design Just Right Challenges (JRC) for a Task-(hu)Man-Fit (TMF) on all OI levels on a continuing basis for transformation through:
    • Using a Stringtool for task analysis and ensuring task completion point is achieved on the highest possible level of quality.
    • Identifying and assessing the task to determine its OI level, its particular nature (technological, technical, practical, cognitive, psycho-emotional, etc.) and its required accompanying intelligence (Multiple Intelligences (MI), etc.)
    • Identifying and assessing your own OI level and/or that of another learner that will be required to respond ably to the task to achieve the OI transformation.
  • Ensure your own and others’ continuing transformation to the higher OI levels which demands a Cracking Into Consciousness (CIC) in particular, through the three critical transitions between OI levels – especially between A1-A2 – as well as A3-B1 and B2-B3.
  • Identify the signs of tipping points in transition from one OI level to the next that are appearing and fast-track those transitions – yours and others’.
  • Explain the role of the A2B instrument CBTWA in your transformational journey through the OI levels
  • Explain the interplay of your Hardwires in your transformation through the OI levels.
  • Compile your re-volitionising journey map (a dynamic action plan) for rewiring your brain through OI towards achieving the level of Optimal Human (OH) with your Hardwires Re-volitionising Coach.

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TLC (Mod2) 6-8 March’23

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TLC (Mod2) 2-4 Aug’23

Date: 2 August 2023 to 4 August 2023