Transformation Leadership Course (TLC)

Module 3

Managing yourself – In your Ecosystem

Purpose Of This Module

The purpose of this module is to utilise the learnings and transformation that was achieved in the previous two modules of being the best task-man-fit in the challenges of life that confronts you to the next level. That is where you and each and every other individual human being in your ecosystem takes complete control over and responsibility for managing your own transformation that inspires the communal, collective and holistic effort for the sake of the transformation of the ecosystem as a whole while everyone takes ownership of, shares and responds appropriately to achieve the efficiency of ecosystem cohesion.

The purpose of this module, therefore, is to be able to identify the structure and function of an optimised ecosystem that is designed for the sole purpose of the humans participating in it, to continually move to the highest possible efficiency - despite the barriers that their own OI level or individual Hardwires might cause to prevent that from happening.


General Learning Outcomes For This Module

After experiencing this module you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the nature, structure and function of an ecosystem of and for change – compared to an ecosystem for chance.
  • Develop strategies to construct an ecosystem of/for change or transform an existing one into an ecosystem of/for change
  • Ensure the highest possible responsibility in designing , implementing, sustaining and continually assessing ecosystems of/for change
  • Identify factors that (might) cause the breakdown of an ecosystem
  • Set boundaries (instead of punitive discipline) to ensure the sustainability of an ecosystem of/for change
  • Facilitate participants to take ownership of their own development and performance management and inspire fellow participants to do the same
  • Position people, tasks, and systems for optimal value to function within a Value Exchange Market (driven by a block-chain technology app.)

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TLC (Mod3) 3-5 April’23

Date: 3 April 2023 to 5 April 2023


TLC (Mod3) 4-6 Sept’23

Date: 4 September 2023 to 6 September 2023